Passion, emotionally charged, introspective  and beautiful -all words that personify the cutting edge style of Eche. His extraordinary style mixes the best of modern and traditional, combining the passion of a new generation with the artisan ship of an old master, a rare gift that is uniquely Eche. He was born Oscar Echeverria, but for the last 16 years he's been branded ECHE ( pronounced "Etch" ) short for Echeverria. From an early age he displayed extraordinary talent and his gift did not go unrecognized.  In his late teens he was accepted at the prestigious Otis College of the Arts in Los Angeles where he began developing his trademark techniques for working with unconventional media.

Eche's works have been exhibited along side the works of Pablo Picasso and Anthony Quinn, to name a few. His prolific body of work, enabled him to solo exhibit four  years in his own Eche Gallery- Beverly Hills. Eche has had many  exhibitions but, most recently he was featured at Frank Pictures Gallery at Bergamont Station. Some of the top artist from around the world are exhibited there.

Philanthropic Work

Eche's talents and art donations have benefited several children's organizations: Childrens Hospital L.A, Shrinners Hospital, Star Light Foundation, Star Bright Foundation, Nosotros and Buena Nueva Foundations for children. Helping to raise money together  with celebrities such as Mena Suvare, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo Di Caprio, Brook Burke and the late queen of Salsa Celia Cruz.

Eche volunteered to teach art work shops at central Juvenile Hall. Some of the teenagers are in there for murder so it's considered a hostile environment but, he successfully instructed rival teens in creating a mural in honor of Caesar E. Chavez Day. 

"Eche's passion for philanthropic work drives him and those around him, which emanates from his heart and into the art he creates. Eche is an artist and a philosopher of depth, that is blind when it comes to boundaries."
                                                                                             " I'm an artist on a mission: I exist to create using any means. I follow no rules just my instincts, no subject, or technique is off-limits. The life of an artist is a struggle filled with constant pressure but, that's how diamonds are made."



Aside from the art work that is currently available for purchase, Eche takes a lot of pride in the art work he is commissioned. He approach's his work with a unique perspective, he takes into account the clients needs and individual style. There are no limits to his creative ability to translate the clients vision into a work of art.

His styles and techniques are broad and flexible, it's apparent in his large body of work. This allows the client many choices in style, theme, and dimension's for a custom work of art.


" Every painting is an Original work of art, from my soul and that is all that matters." 

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